Apparently a girl can never have too many aprons.

Having completed the four-pocket apron for project #1, it is now time for the Softy Pleated Apron, as seen here — which the eagle-eyed among you may note was constructed with a fabric printed off-grain. Cramazing! Anyway, if that fabric were mine I would use it even if it was off-grain too, it is cute.

Here is my attempt:

What’s that? You want to see it in a side view? Sure!

Note: home-ec students of yore were skinny. Lengthen ties accordingly

You will note that my ties are buckling a bit, due to that feed dog thing. In case you don’t know what that is — the sewing machine pulls the fabric under your needle using these grabber doohickeys called feed dogs. So when you sew two pieces of fabric together the bottom layer of fabric moves under the needle a leeeeeetle  bit faster than the top layer because the bottom layer is getting tugged and the top layer is A) hitching along for the ride and B) sliding under the foot. So the bottom layer has something pushing it a long faster while the top layer has something dragging it back a smidge. When you do a bunch of uninterrupted straight-line sewing like an apron tie, the drag-pull gets more and more extreme until weird warbledy places appear in your previously warbledy-free sewing, as seen above.

If you are good, you counteract that effect with tension settings and controlling the fabric with your hands and other hoodoo — hoodoo that Bishop either doesn’t teach or I haven’t gotten to  yet.

But let’s get back to the gloating — look, I pleated! Good thing it worked because the next and final no-pattern torn project is a pleated, buttoned skirt. Which I will be making for my six-year old daughter, seeing as how this pleated apron makes my dressform look a little chunky.