So here is my pleated skirt! Isn’t it cute? For a six-year-old, that is, not for me. Bishop suggests making this for oneself, but also assumes one is a fourteen year old girl.

I am wrestling with whether I should post a tutorial, since you can just go to the library and borrow your own damn copy of the book, which has much better instructions than anything I could plagiarize for you here.

Somehow despite measuring my kid five times and measuring the waistline every five minutes, this came out four inches too wide. Like Barbie says, math is hard. After all, waistline plus four inches of overlap on one side plus four inches of overlap on the other side minus overlapping four inches will, now that I think about it, result in a waistline that is four inches too big. But I keep rereading the instructions and cannot figure out how Bishop is telling you to not make this mistake. And that, my friends, is why I am officially Not Very Bright.