This pattern is a little more challenging to reproduce nowadays, thanks to the revolution in sportswear that occurred after Mrs. B wrote her Method of Clothing Construction. When we want a comfortable semi-fitted top we aren’t stuck with putting darts and zippers in a woven fabric, we just pull a knit over our heads and watch it mold to our curves.

As a result there aren’t really many patterns for tops with these features. But dresses are a goldmine — lots of facings, bust darts, center back closures, and even cut-on sleeves. Unfortunately I didn’t find a dress with all four  (and asking for patch pockets would be too much) so I settled for this:

B5211 Butterick Patterns

it has the center back closure, facings, cut-on sleeves and pockets (in-seam) but still no bust dart. In fact, it is basically a very long version of the blouse I just finished. See, look at the line drawing for view B:

Should I add bust darts, and if you think I should, do you have advice since I chickened out last time? Leave them in the comments, I love advice!