Hey, check out my awesome blouse! Well, to be honest it is just a rectangle. But I made it without screwing up, Huzzah!

Thanks for talking me into using the scary silk! I’m really happy with this top. It isn’t exactly what the book called for, but it is close. I ignored the lack of a bust dart, but did self-face the neck by turning and stitching the seam allowance, per the advice of the incomparable, awesome reader Kay the Sewing Lawyer.

I started by following Mrs. B’s instructions and sewed a 1/4 inch staystich, then turned on that line and stitched.  After that I turned 3/8″ and sewed again — all 5/8″ seam allowance is now used up, and no facing, see:

Resulting in my first project to achieve that estimable sewing goal of making something that looks as nice on the inside as it does on the outside


Sewing successfully with sheer silk:

  1. I used 100% cotton thread
  2. A size 70/9 machine needle
  3. A straight stitch throat plate and presser foot
  4. When I laid out the pattern I put tissue paper under the fabric, then the pattern, then pinned the pattern and cut through the paper and the fabric.
  5. The hem is hand-stitched.

My seams are completely pucker-free and nothing shifted under the needle. That is miraculous.


An added point of interest — you would not believe how messy my house has gotten since I undertook this project. I am really living up to my blog name.