My post title is supposed to be a play on Raymond Carver but I think it just sounds like bad grammar. Let’s just deal with it because I want to go to bed.


Are you wondering how it is that I am sewing project after project without ever running to the store? Let me introduce you to my dining room. Here you see the endless mountain of wovens from which I am selecting materials for the Bishop Method Projects.


Including this, the mystery fabric destined to become my next dress.


Then on the other side of the room you will find the knits, interfacings, linings, and remnants:

I won’t get to sew with these until after the Bishop Method project is over. I miss you, knits!


I don’t really like having all this fabric stashed in my house, it brings me down. But I know people who have thousands of yards of fabric and it brings them incredible joy. How about you?