Check this out. I can walk here on my lunch hour.I can walk here on my lunch hour
Really it is a wonder I don’t own a lot more fabric. I am the picture of restraint.

I was after thread and a zipper for my dress

Here is what I wound up with.  A pretty good match, I think.

I don’t know what to make of this fabric. I stood outside burning and smelling that swatch like a crazy person but cannot decide what it is. Definitely poly something. The weave is kind of loose, looks sort of linen but doesn’t wrinkle. Slow to ignite and bubbles, ash is crispy. Can’t place the smell. Any guesses? I’m trying to decide if it is all synthetic so I can skip shrinking.

Ps posted from my phone!


UPDATE: I just remembered I don’t need a zipper for this dress. BLAST! This one matches too well, I’m not wasting it, so I’ll have to put this fabric aside for the next project.