This comment is so awesome and so helpful that I am making a post of it. Matching of prints is in my future and this will be extremely helpful.

“The Sewing Lawyer’s picky matching rules (I’m making these up as I type so reserve the right to change or add to them):

1. Plaids should match horizontally at all vertical seams, vertically at CF, CB and some horizontal seams if you have enough energy.
2. Large scale prints with lots of separation between pattern elements (i.e. big flowers on a plain background) and large scale geometric or formal prints should be matched at major seams (CB, CF).
3. One-way prints (with an obvious difference up or down) need to be cut so the print runs in the same direction on all the pieces.
4. Border prints need to match horizontally at vertical seams.
5. Matching on any random, small scale, or asymmetrical print is probably just showing off.
6. If you are in doubt, try to arrange your uncut fabric so that parts of the print are next to each other and mismatched and stand away from it, about 8 feet. Note how it looks. Then arrange it so it’s matched. Does it look a lot better? If so, match.”

And all four of you who read this blog should be sure and check out Kay’s work, it is incredible. Her sewing is impeccable and you can also see in the pics where she models her workout clothes that she has serious guns and could totally kick your ass.

Thanks Kay! And now I am free to toss my curls and flounce off, forgetting about matching the print of my next project.

Oh yes, I almost forgot — since I have no images to illustrate this post, please enjoy Baby Monkey (Going Backwards On A Pig)