Next up, the jerkin substitute, Butterick B5415. I have added my customary 5 inches, since I am 5’10” and the standard pattern is designed for a woman 5’5″ tall. and added width to the lower body to accommodate my meerkatism. Note: I never get good results doing this; usually I have weird saddlebags or twists or ripples or something amiss where I blended to the next size. DO NOT consider this a how-to. It is more of a ‘let’s see where this goes’.

I planned to make this dress twice because the Bishop project calls for a neck-and-arm facing, which wasn’t available for the v-neck (there is one for the scoop neck view). Today I read in Bishop that all you have to do to make a neck-and-arm facing is trace off that part of the pattern:

I hope this is right

You will notice that the facings are all swoopy across the center body instead of cut straight across. I did that because that is how they look in Ms. B’s illustration. I have no idea why that is (reduce bulk maybe?) or how to decide where or how much to swoop.

The pattern has set-in sleeves but I am leaving them off since we discovered that jerkins are sleeveless. Normally I would worry about gapping in the armscye but this pattern was designed for knits so I am assuming the armhole is going to be tight enough.

Other than that, since the pattern has facings, a 22″ zipper and bust darts I figure they forgot they were designing it for knits half way through, so I am not sweating using a woven (I did measure the pattern and compare it to my body measurements).

See a tragedy waiting to happen? Have a question because I can’t write coherently after midnight? Please, let me know in the comments.

Happy Halloween!