I won’t judge. #8 is the last chapter before The Bishop Method of Clothing Construction gets into the nitty gritty of pattern fitting and interesting sewing — the stuff she wanted to write about. And there are 3 projects in chapter 8, so by the time she got to project #3, the jerkin, Ms B was OVER IT. I get it. She phoned it in. It happens.

Because half of this chapter MAKES NO SENSE. You read the paragraph from the zipper part yesterday — paraphrased as, “Look, just turn it over and put that part over there. THEN SEW IT. GOD.”

Then as far as I can tell she has you leave the the facings unsewn to the garment for, like, an inch on each side of the underarm and maybe shoulder seams (I forget exactly) because she wants you to do something tricky when you join the sides and shoulder seams. But then she forgets to tell you the trick, and if you follow the instructions to the letter you just end up hand sewing the unsewn bits and leaving raw trimmed seam allowances at the shoulders. And while you search for answers she is rolling her eyes like GET OVER IT, I REMEMBER WHEN YOU WERE PLEASED WITH YOURSELF FOR SEWING A PONCHO. A PONCHO YOU LEARNED TO SEW THANKS TO ME!!! Because in my imaginary world Edna Bryte Bishop writes like Kanye.

If you want to see the sort of persnickety lapped zipper instructions I assumed Ms B would teach, here is a lovely example:

Remember my facings adventure? Reader Kay once again set me straight, and I followed her instructions and they worked out just fine. Yay! I mean, I’m still not allowed to interface so they are very, very floppy facings — but fine. And they don’t make me look like I am smuggling a boob bib under my dress thanks to Kay’s fix. Thanks Kay! Good lookin’ out, sister!