Looking awfully pleased with myself for a lady taking her self potrait with a cell phone on her lunch hour in a public restroom.


Bust dart lines up reasonably well. Armhole reasonably not gappy. Unreasonably blurry, I apologize — couldn’t find the usb cable for my real camera. I told you — I’m messy!

Here it is, the Jerkin Project Completed! Butterick 4515 turned out to be a really good choice for the lesson, went together just fine and it contains nothing to conflict with Ms. B vision.

It’s a Dead Doyenne fabric, some poly content based on a burn test, smells wooly when steamed, doesn’t wrinkle much and is a bit sheer so I made a slip in a matching lining fabric I had on hand.

A few thoughts on the pattern — I sewed the medium, adding about an inch extra to the hip. Note I am a 5’10” slightly on the wrong side of 175 pounds, so this dress is generous (as I am finding all of the Butterick Fast & Easy patterns to be).

I also added 5 inches in length, so I would say this is drafted for a woman who is 5’5″ in heels.

The armhole  worked out great even though it was drafted for a sleeve – -probably because the pattern was designed for knits so the hole wasn’t cut low.

Here’s a blurry bathroom picture of the jacket I’m wearing it with to make it work-appropriate:


True confession time — I followed the instructions on the video I posted yesterday and they were great BUT  I still wasn’t 100% successful with the placket — 22 inches is a lot of territory and let’s just say mistakes were made. So finally I gave up and sewed up the center back seam and pull this over my head to get dressed.

I definitely won’t move on to the next project until I have gotten the zipper right. I’m going to do a little remedial zipper therapy first.

Do you have any favorite zipper blogs, posts, books? What about best zipper horror stories? Please share them in the comments!