I can’t seem to build up any excitement for the chapter 10 dress. At first I was so proud of myself because I found such a good match for the book illustration:

With Butterick B5315, which even has the old-fashioned button front and side zipper combo. View A is totally the same pattern

Good match, but

Unfortunately, I hate it.

Omigod so boring

And I haven’t helped matters with my fabric choice. I didn’t want to use a broadcloth because I don’t wear broadcloth ever. I am of the opinion that broadcloth is to be taken literally — it is cloth that makes me look very, very broad. So I wanted to go with a nice drapey rayon challis, but all I could find were obviously designed for men’s summer shirts, the sort Tony Soprano would wear on vacation to Waikiki. I found one that didn’t actually have palms on it, in the shades of blue I like, and I bought it thinking I could make it work. But now I think it will indeed look like a giant belted cheap Hawaiian tourist shirt, which is not what I am going for:



I might hate this as a dress

…and besides, I haven’t bought a turkey and company is coming to Thanksgiving. And I should probably be getting all that sewing stuff off the dining room table. And out from under the dining room table. And, you know, covering every inch of the dining room around the dining room table.


But here is something exciting — almost like an official plaque commemorating my commitment to The Bishop Method of Clothing Construction:

PB150050Check it out, yo! The Dritz EZ Hem is OFFICIALLY BRANDED. And I have it. I want to have my name and url engraved on a box of them and give them out as business cards.

But seriously, what do you think of this dress/print combination? With a sweater and tights worn in cool Fall and Winter months? Be honest.