Chapter 10’s dress project has a pleated skirt. Miz Bishop really wants to make sure you don’t screw up your pleats so she prescribes a technique of first marking the pleats on the wrong side with dressmaker’s carbon and wheel, then hand basting the markings for the pleats (not basted pleats, but baste the lines that you just marked on the other side). She says that’s because you mark on the wrong side but pleat on the right side and it is easy to get confused.


and I was all pish-tosh, that is absurd. Then I started to pin my pleats, and you guessed it, I started to get confused, so I went back and basted the pleats while I watched tv, and it made pleating SO MUCH EASIER.

…sorry it is so blurry, but you get the general idea, I hope. Can you see the white thread at all? Baste the whole pleat marking, and then you can make absolutely certain that the pleat is hanging straight


Bishop says to press and measure to make sure the pleats hang straight down to the floor.

It never occurred to me to measure unpressed pleats to make sure they were of a uniform depth. It is a little hard to see with the busy print but the results are nice — uniform pleats and easily done, all thanks to basting and measuring.