I’m Megan: children’s librarian, terrible speller, prone to stains and spills.

I sew pretty often and have for years, but usually feel like I’m doing a shitty job. That puts me in the weird position of having a hobby that bums/stresses me out.

Then one day an idea was born: I keep coming across this old, boring, home-ec-class-oriented book on sewing called The Bishop Method of Clothing Construction. Rather than scoff at it, I am going to work my way through The Bishop Method from torn projects to tailoring a suit, and learn all those skills that you used to learn as a kid in 4H and Home Ec. Then maybe I won’t feel like such a buffoon when I sew those adorable fashionable clothes I would rather be wearing! Sort of like Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing if only I were young, witty, stylish, and a gifted writer.